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These seminars can be conducted as part of continuing staff development strategy, whether in deal-making or recovery of debts. Customisation to specific needs is also possible.
1. Fundamental Principles of Property Valuation (3 hours)
  This seminar provides a comprehensive perspective of valuation practice and its implications for lenders. Topics include:
  General financing
The definitions of market value, property and land
The difference between 'market price', 'cost' and 'market value'
When and how to use the different valuation methods
The Valuation Report - how to critically analyse it
The Torrens System of Land Administration (our title system)
Real life case studies - common pitfalls in security lending
  Project finacing
The Property Development Process
Construction Cost Indices and their application to real life situations
2. Land Acquisition and its Implications for Lenders (3 hours)
  This seminar provides a comprehensive perspective of both the acquiring authority and parties affected, including the landowner, tenant, business owner and chargee.
Procedure and practice of a Land Acquisition
Why should Lenders be concerned with a Land Acquisition
How is the position of the Lender affected?
How does a Land Acquisition affect the value of the remaining property
Who has a right to be compensated?
How compensation is assessed
Real life case studies - some interesting situations
3. Valuation for Recovery & Foreclosure (3 hours)
  This seminar provides a focused perspective on default and foreclosure situations.
Detailed analysis of relevant sections of the National Land Code
How the proceeds of the auction are to be 'spent' in order of priority
How are purchasers protected?
Can subsequent Reserve Prices be higher than previous?
Is State Authority consent necessary for transfer at auction?
Is the Chargee's right dominant over all rights?
Why are some valuers' valuations different from other valuers? What amount of difference is acceptable?
Why do properties seldom sell for their market value at auctions or insolvency situations?
4. An Introduction to Plant & Machinery Valuation (2 hours)
  This introductory seminar to the highly specialised area of Plant & Machinery valuation will equip attendees with basic, non-technical knowledge sufficient to improve case evaluation.
What is Plant & Machinery?
How is P&M valuation different from Property valuation?
Uses and benefits of P&M valuation
Different P&M methods of valuation - when and how they should be used
Various definitions of market value - why are there so many?
What is 'good security' and 'bad security' with real life examples
Common P&M valuation terms
P&M disposal methods and why P&M seldom sells for market value in an insolvency situation
5. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) (2 hours)
  This vehicle for property investment in high-value capital assets has generated interest in the Malaysian property sector. This seminar provides rudimentary principles into this new buzz word.
What is a REIT?
What property types are suitable for REIT management?
Securities Commission guidelines on REITs
What is the difference between existing Property Trust Funds and REITs?
The global REIT market
How to make REITs a success in Malaysia ?
Property Valuation & Consultancy in REITs
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