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Public Auction Sales
Public Auction Sales is one of the many avenues for asset disposal. In an imperfect and non-homogenous environment, the property owner attempting to dispose of his property through the conventional method of private treaty sale or tender may find himself disadvantaged as the true worth of his property is not fully appreciated by the market due to insufficient exposure.

Through the process of public auction sale the market is fully informed and all potential purchasers may attend the auction and place their bids. This ensures that the potential value of the property being disposed of is maximized.

Arbitration in property related disputes
Arbitration is the referral of a dispute to one or more impartial persons for final and binding determination. It is private and informal, designed for quick, practical and inexpensive resolution of disputes. But arbitration is at the same time an orderly proceeding, whether supervised by an arbitral institution in accordance with their rules or formed as an “ad hoc” arbitration, in which there is no supervising institution and the parties are free to initiate and agree their own governing procedures. In any case, the conduct of the arbitration will be governed by standards prescribed by law.

In Malaysia, arbitration as a tool for the resolution of construction and related disputes has in recent years gained popularity. It is well recognized that the informal and less litigious nature of arbitration may result in the contract partners being more likely to keep their business relationship during and after the dispute resolution process.

For an arbitration to take place, the disputing parties must agree to take their dispute to arbitration. In practice, this agreement is often made before the dispute arises and is included in their commercial contract. But it may also be made after the contract is negotiated or after the dispute has arisen. In agreeing to an arbitration the parties are agreeing that their dispute will not be heard by a court but by a private individual or a panel or tribunal of several private individuals. If the parties have agreed to an arbitration, the courts will normally refuse to hear their case by staying the court case in order to encourage the reluctant party to honour their agreement to arbitrate.

Anyone may represent a party in arbitration in Malaysia.

Some of the key benefits of arbitration over litigation include :

Maintain relationship - often the relationship is maintained between contract partners during and after the dispute resolution process

Choice of arbitrator – the parties are free to appoint an arbitrator who is trained and most qualified to arbitrate the issues in dispute

Informality – usually less formal than litigation proceedings

Less costly than litigation - especially where it involves a ‘documents only' arbitration

Enforceability – arbitration awards in Malaysia upon application by either party may be enforced as a High Court judgment.

Finality - the award is final and legally binding

Our principal Ernest Cheong, being a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom and holding the CEM Diploma in Arbitration is a qualified arbitrator. He is able to draw upon his extensive experience within the property and construction industries to provide a high standard of arbitral expertise.

Insurance Loss Assessment
When a property owner insures his property against damage by fire or through other causes, he may not realise that under insurance may result in him being a “co-insurer” with the insurance company in the event of a claim even though the claim is less than the sum insured. An accurate insurance valuation will avoid this risk.

Consider the benefits of an accurate valuation
excessive premiums due to over insurance can be avoided
peace of mind for property owners knowing their property is adequately insured against loss
values are assessed by professionals with the requisite experience, skill and knowledge

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